Music compostion, sound design
mixing and mastering

With over 15 years experience in music I create bespoke music and sound design for film and advertisements. Specialising in creating unique sound beds by intertwining music and sound design. 

Brands I worked for include Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Mercedes - AMG F1, Universal Music, Oldtimers Drop, Karl Lagerfeld and Budweiser.

2024 winner of the Silver Lamp for music in the “EXILES” film at Dutch Creativity Awards in the category Craft. 
Volkshotel, Wibautstraat 150, 1091GR Amsterdam




About  +31 6 55588390
Art Chooses Us

For this beautiful trailer for a short documentary I’ve done music and sound design. 


Director: Tomas Kamphuis
Director of Photography: Max Jansen
Editors: Jeffrey Richardson&Tomas Kamphuis
Producer: Ana Sofia Manuel Viegas
Sound design: Maurits Verwoerd
Color grading: Kevin Kimman
Titles: Lais Berbigier
Special thanks to Yev Kravt and Maloney Amsterdam

• 2022